The Walking Dead star Khary Payton proudly introduces trans son to the world

“I hope you all have the opportunity to feel the unquenchable love that I am feeling right now.”

Khary Payton has proudly introduced his transgender son to the world.

The actor, who is best known for his role as Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, announced his son’s identity in an emotional Instagram post, calling him “one of the most happy, well-adjusted individuals I’ve ever known.”

“My son, Karter. Karter with a K because it reminded him of my name. He chose it. You see, he was born female but has always identified as a boy. He thought it would be cool if I announced it on social media,” he wrote.

Khary told his that son that the post would be flooded with support, but that it could also receive some anti-trans comments, to which his son responded, “Yeah, I know about trolls, daddy. I can handle trolls.”

Khary Payton as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead

“Man, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child feel the joy of exploring what it means to be true to themselves. This is his journey, and I am here for it,” he continued. (Yes, we are in tears.)

“I hope you all have the opportunity to feel the unquenchable love that I am feeling right now.”

We need to see more supportive parenting like this in the world, please!



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