Melania slapping President Trump’s hand away (again) is brutal but totally brilliant – watch

The White House

Could there be trouble in paradise?

First Lady Melania Trump’s often by President Trump’s side, whether it’s a state visit, a dinner, a public appearance or arriving and leaving a country via Air Force One.

However, it seems no matter any prying camera lens or watching person, she doesn’t always want to hold her husband’s hand. So much so, it’s becoming quite the awkward (and yet brilliant) viral moment.

Take a look at this…

Melania and Donald arrive in the Middle East on their first official state visit. President Trump goes to hold her hand and… NOPE! Ouch.

It’s not the only time this has happened. The American leader goes to grab her hand aaaaaand she adjusts her hair in perfect time.

This is the first of many totally awkward situations between the pair.

Who can forget their arrival at The White House on inauguration day when President Trump seemingly forgot about his wife getting out of the car – leaving her to meet the Obamas after he had.

Or, maybe the nudge during Easter celebrations from Melania when President Trump forgot to raise his arm during the national anthem. Let’s not even go there on their first dance. #Awkward

And who could forget the many moments from the start of Donald Trump’s presidency?

The kiss, or even lack of it. Did they kiss? Probably not…

Smiles, few more smiles… face drop.


President Trump’s currently embarking on a tour of the Middle East with Melania. The pair are scheduled to visit the UK later this year.



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