Eight things we learned from living off Deliveroo for two weeks

“Get ready to fall back in love with eating out…”

You can’t live in London and not notice them – the turquoise-clad runners delivering meals from kitchen to front door courtesy of some of the most premiere restaurants in the city. Yes, we’re talking about Deliveroo couriers.

Deliveroo is the app that’s quite literally changed how we eat in and how we eat out. So when we were asked to live solely on Deliveroo meals for lunch and dinner for two weeks, we fired up our App Store, grabbed a knife and fork and prepared to tuck in. Here’s what we learned…

1. There are amazing restaurants on your doorstep you’ve probably never even heard of.

Living where we do in North London, we knew we were on the doorstep of one of the best Turkish restaurants in the country in the award-winning Gökyüzü. In fact, whether we were having a night in alone or with friends, that’s more than likely where we’d suggest picking up a takeaway from. But by exploring through Deliveroo and looking around, we not only discovered possibly the best Indian takeaway we’ve ever had in the UK, but we also found our new favourite Thai restaurant, our new favourite fish and chip restaurant, and our new favourite BBQ place. And all within a pretty close radius to us. And having the option to have meals delivered from these restaurants to our dining rooms meant that we were much more inclined to try something new, rather than risk forking out for a massive sit-down meal somewhere unknown only to be disappointed. This is made all the more easier with the Our Picks section of the app, which features suggestions curated by Deliveroo’s expert restaurant team. Finding your new favourite takeout is only a few taps on your iPhone away.

2. Nando’s does takeaway. 

Yes, really. For those of you who already knew this revolutionary piece of information, you’re living your best life. Certainly better than ours. But if you’re anything like us and you were completely oblivious learning this fact is like listening to music or seeing colours for the first time. You’ll never know how you possibly lived without it. Actual Nando’s chicken with actual Nando’s sides delivered straight to your door to eat in your pants within half an hour. Astounding.

3. You can eat pretty healthy on Deliveroo, actually. 

We’ll be honest. We were actually kind of worried about what surviving off Deliveroo for lunch and dinner for two weeks would do to our waistlines. But like, you know, eating in general, it’s all about making wise choices. You can choose a fresh salad from pretty much every menu – if you’re watching your weight, you just have to resist the temptation of ordering a bacon double cheeseburger. But if there are any vegetarian, vegan or organic produce specialists in your area, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll be willing to deliver through Deliveroo. If you thought your diet would be thrown into disarray just because you couldn’t be bothered cooking something, think again…

4. Success for coeliacs! 

When it comes to picking a restaurant, there are few words that can fill you with dread more than, “Do they have any gluten free options?” Trust us. But if you or your dining companion is a coeliac sufferer, or is even just on a faddy gluten free diet, Deliveroo makes streamlining your choices easy by putting all the gluten free restaurants under one handy tab. The same also goes for vegan restaurants and halal restaurants. Pretty much every dietary requirement can be filtered through the app. If there’s offerings in your area, that is.

5. Comfort food at it’s very best. 

Had a rough day? The Guilty Pleasures section of the app will show you the best in pure indulgence in your area, easily turning that ordinary day into an unforgettable one. In fact, no matter what mood you’re in – even if you’re just watching the pounds in your wallet rather than on your waistline and you’re looking for some budget eats – the Deliveroo app has everything pretty well curated.

6. The app isn’t *quite* perfect, though. 


Although it’s super easy to use and it takes a matter of minutes to have an order winging its way to your door, the functionality of the app could be a little better. For example, it would be useful if there was a universal way to add a note to your order to reiterate any dietary requirements or if you want anything adding or taking away. Some restaurants allow you to do this when you’re making your order, but not all of them. We guess it’s made tricky though if not all restaurants are using the same system. It’d also be useful to be able to see user reviews of the restaurants on the app, too. You can do this on the desktop browser, obviously, but if you’re stuck in traffic on the bus and you’re trying to order your dinner before you an get to your laptop, this isn’t ideal. If you’re reading this Deliveroo, can we have these added in please?

7. Watch out for the delivery charge. 

We ordered a sandwich for lunch from Potbelly. The delivery charge was more than the sandwich. That’s how they get you. Depending on where you’re ordering from, sometimes Deliveroo better serves a larger bulk order than something individual. But we guess that’s more an issue with the restaurants setting charges than the service itself.

8. We fell back in love with eating out.

There are so many so many remarkable restaurants on our very doorsteps with mouthwatering culinary delights from all corners of the world that we didn’t even know about. And now you can experience them in the comfort of your own home, you’re literally spoiled for choice. The one thing that’s always put us off about restaurants sometimes is that they can be so much work. You have to get dressed up, feign conversation with your dining partner, wait ages to get a waiter’s attention just so you can pay your bill. This way you get all the best bits of the amazing food, but you can slob in front of the TV in trackies. Literally the best of all worlds. Get downloading now.

For more or to check out the restaurants in your area visit deliveroo.co.uk



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