Former Grindr employee claims he was drugged and raped by HR boss

A former Grindr employee has accused the company’s HR boss of raping him.

The plaintiff, who wishes to remain anonymous under the alias John Doe, has filed a lawsuit against the dating app, claiming that he was drugged and subsequently raped by the company’s human resources supervisor.

Doe has accused Daniel Cabanero of drugging him at the company’s Christmas party in 2016, before putting him in a car and taking him to a hotel room, where he says he woke up while being held down and penetrated.

After losing consciousness once again, Doe says he late awoke and went to the emergency room, where he underwent a “highly invasive and humiliating” rape examination, according to TMZ.

He claims that various Grindr officers knew he was impaired at the party but did nothing to intervene, and says that the company environment encouraged sexually explicit language and misconduct.

Doe says he went to the police about the incident, and believes they’re still investigating his claim.

The case comes amid numerous sexual assault accusations towards high-profile Hollywood names including Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Elsewhere, 13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman revealed earlier this week that he was sexually abused as a teenager.

“When you’re 14, you think it’s totally fine,” he told Gay Times. “He was in his mid-20s, and I didn’t have the language to ask for what I might need or even say no in that kind of position.

“It was a very scary thing. And I think for me at 14 I thought I could do anything and I was ready for anything… and I wasn’t, I was not ready for that.”



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