Gay couple arrested after exposing their butts at sacred Thailand temple


A gay couple have been detained in Thailand after exposing their butts at a Buddhist temple.

Joseph Dasilva and Travis Dasilva, based in San Diego, gained a following on Instagram as the ‘Travelling Butts’ by sharing photos of them with their pants down at famous locations around the world.

But their latest escapade has landed them in hot water, as the couple bared their backsides at Bangkok’s famous Wat Arun temple for a photo which was shared on their Instagram.

Thailand has strict laws on public indecency in places of worship, and visitors to the temple are advised to cover up shoulders and legs – so bare butts are a definite no-go.

Deputy spokesman of the Thai immigration police, Col Choengron Rimpadee, told BBC News the couple had been on a watch-list after authorities discovered the photo, and were taken into custody when trying to leave the country at Don Mueang airport on Tuesday.

“Once they are through with the charges, the Thai immigration police will revoke their visas and push for deportation,” he said. “They will also be blacklisted from coming back to Thailand.”

The men reportedly admitted to taking the photo and paid a fine of 5,000 baht (around £115) each.

However, the couple remain in custody, and in a statement to ABC News, the Thai government has warned they may face more serious punishment including the potential for jail time.

“The charge would not be a normal public indecency charge,” they said. “Instead, they would be charged with committing indecency in a place of worship, which carries a long jail term.

“This is a reminder that everyone should have respect for Thai religion and culture.”

According to the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, the couple have reached out to San Diego City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez for assistance.

“Though I am very disappointed in their actions, I am talking to US government officials to see what assistance we can give them,” Murray-Ramirez said.



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