Get inside the April issue, featuring YouTube sensation Connor Franta

Janell Shirtcliff

Connor Franta by Janell Shirtcliff

Connor Franta commands incredible amounts of attention. With over 350 million views, his YouTube channel offers a window into the life and mind of this 24 year old entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author. To put his reach into perspective, Real Housewives of Atlanta, the most successful in the Housewives franchise, has round 4 million viewers per season. So, we decided to get behind the green eyes that the YouTube generation can’t get enough of.

Richard Gadd

Did you know that 12,000 men are raped in the UK each year? That, of course, is only the number of reported cases; the actual number is estimated to be much, much higher. Richard Gadd was one of those 12,000 and we explore how he used comedy to overcome an experience which almost broke him. If masculinity is inherently fragile, what happens when it’s violated?

Nichola Afoa by Matt Crockett

Nicholas Afoa leads the pride as Simba in Disney’s The Lion King musical and is this month’s GT Fitty. The former rugby player dishes on the gay community, wearing very little for his performances and how one goes from rugby to musical theatre.

Courtesy of LOGO

We continue the issue with a RuPaul’s Drag Race world-exclusive: interviews with all thirteen (or is it fourteen?!) of the season 9 queens. That’s right. Gay Times is the only place you can catch all the proverbial fishy queens with one net, if you will.

The issue is also packed with thirst, as usual. Simon Dunn takes us on a hilarious journey through his gay life and challenges those masc4masc gays who deny they’re camp. We also catch up with the brothers behind LDN Muscle. They’re changing the online training game and taking their shirts off at the same time. It’s one of those win-win situations we love so much.

As we hurtle towards summer and a packed pride season, our fitness guru, Charlie King, gives us some tips and tricks for getting our bodies in place. Don’t just do it for the applause, though; Charlie argues it’s much easier to maintain a regular routine when you do it for yourself.

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There’s more, of course. Each issue of Gay Times is packed with hot guys, travel and style features, op-ed pieces, and coverage on the LGBT world at large. What’s more, we’re giving away a new GT Fitty digital magazine with each annual subscription – that’s 80 pages of hot hunks (from stars of the stage to actors, singers and athletes) in not much more than their pants.

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