This poem calls out racism and misogyny in the queer dating community – watch

“Long fucking story short.  I was being black and queer at the same time or whatever, and this man looks me dead in the eye and says, ‘No Fats, no femmes, no blacks, no Asians. It’s just a preference.’”

The opening line of Amir Khadar’s poem cracks open the lid of the social inequality among the LGBT+ community.

Rooted from his anger about this controversial dating app profile description, Amir’s words have shined a light on the misogyny, ableism, and racism among white gay men.

Amir calls out the hypocrisy of white, cis, gay men for their prejudices against other ethnicities by reminding us of the many black, trans activists who first sparked the Pride movement, such as Pepper Labeija, Dorian Corey, and Marsha P Johnson.

“Thank them for being heroes when your queerness was conditional. When you could recede to whiteness and our bodies could be your shields. You’re welcome. Now you can wear nail polish and hate black people at the same time.”

Amir calls out those who use their sexuality to victimize themselves and excuse their own discriminatory behaviour. To Amir, white, gay men have more of a responsibility to be accepting, not less.

“I thought that queer men would be more accepting considering how often they tell black and brown people we should understand how it feels to be oppressed.”

The poem also brings up the general lack of representation of different ethnicities among the queer community and at Pride events. He claims the white gay male is a figurehead for the face of LGBT+ people, yet it’s history is rooted with people of colour.

“The only black, Asian, or trans representation I saw at Pride was a half-naked, light skinned man on a poster. Like that was inclusion or diversity.

“We don’t live in the same acronym. The rainbow flag is all the colour he can tolerate in his life. And at the end of the day he can wipe off the paint and the glitter and I stay coloured and shining.”

No Fats, No Femmes, No Blacks, No Asians calls to question the social constructs which limit inclusion in the queer community.

Amir hopes white, cis, gay men will open their eyes to “all kinds of beauty” and not allow themselves to continue to be obstructed.

Words Kevin Kissane



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