Bette Midler disses Trump’s hair, comparing it to her wig in Hocus Pocus

She finds the awful witches wig she wore in Hocus Pocus is still more enjoyable than looking at President Trump’s hair for all the time he’s been in office.

Just like Cher and J.K. Rowling, who use their celebrity status and Twitter prowess to voice their dissent towards the U.S. President, Bette is making her opinion on the matter known.

Winifred is judging.

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Hocus Pocus is a Disney cult classic. It first premiered in 1993 and has since grown to become a nostalgic staple for the Halloween season.

Bette Midler plays Winifred Sanderson, one of three sister witches whose goal is to brew a potion which will allow them to suck the lives out of children, thereby preserving their youth.

Directed by Kenny Ortega, whose work also includes High School Musical and the Newsies, Hocus Pocus features bright, colourful costumes, and an exuberant musical number.

Bette’s costume is topped with a chaotic, fiery orange wig, which must have been a pain to carry around on her head during a film shoot. The wig in question is what sparked her joke on Twitter.

Not everyone is thrilled by her tweet, asking why politics must be brought into the realm of entertainment and celebrity.

But fans of her film have had reactions of humour and support for her burn on Donald Trump.

Bette’s tweet comes at a time when there is discussion of a Hocus Pocus reimagining in the works. The new script is being developed, but the original cast has been excluded from the project.

Fans have been asking for this sequel for years, but this controversial decision is leaving many feeling disappointed.

The original film featured an all-star cast of women; Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy.

Still just as relevant and talented as always, the movie would just not be the same without these iconic actors.

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