10 of the sexiest vampires to get you in the mood for Halloween

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We’d let any of this lot suck on us…

With it being Halloween today, we thought it’d be a good idea to look at a special kind of spooky creature. We share a certain philosophy with vampires: party all night, sleep all day. And we all certainly love getting a tongue on our necks, not to sure about the bloodsucking though…

And as vampires have captured the imagination, they’ve popped up all over our TV screens, and our films, and our books. So in celebration of Halloween, we celebrate the 10 sexiest vampires to have graced our screens.

Stefan Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Mystic Falls seems one hell of a place to live. Full of witches, werewolves, and the sexy Salvatore brothers roaming around. Stefan is level-headed, kind, and a bit broody.

But with a body like that, and a heart of (mostly) gold, it’s easy to see why he was Elena’s first choice for romance, but that does bring us onto…

Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s older brother, Damon. Whatever Stefan is, Damon isn’t – well, except ripped. Both of the Salvatores managed to win in that department.

Cocky, no care for human life, bit of a bad boy, it’s no wonder Elena’s heart was running in two different places when it came to picking which one to settle with. We’re not even involved, and we can’t choose which one we want!

Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga may have been responsible for the rise of poorly written teen-vampire love stories, but one thing we can be thankful for is the creation of Edward Cullen. Sure, he might’ve been moody most of the time, but he was still incredibly sexy.

And who can forget when he stripped naked to prove the existence of vampires? If there’s a better way to prove it, we haven’t found it yet…

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Edward Sullen – Vampires Suck

Okay, so the movie sucked more than its titular vampires, but one thing that kept us watching was Matt Lanter as the aptly named Edward Sullen. Parodying the first two Twilight movies, the film culminates with Sullen stripping down, and revealing just how sparkly he is.

And just for clarification, that disco ball is not an emoji we’ve added in.

Lestat de Lioncourt & Louis de Pointe du Lac – Interview with the Vampire

What’s better than Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt being vampires? That’s right, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt being vampires in the same movie.

We’re just disappointed that the film never explored the characters’ bisexuality, because the only thing that bears Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt being vampires in the same movie, is them having a love scene in the same movie.

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David – Underworld series

David has a rough ride in the course of the Underworld series. He gets killed in a Lychen attack, and is then brought back as a hybrid, and then decapitated the corpse of his enemy to ward off the other Lychens.

We’d try to keep up, but we’re too distracted by his perfect physique and beautiful blue eyes.

Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oh Angel, the vampire who went down as being one of the most sadistic vampires in European history, before coming back with a human soul, and a whole lot of remorse. In other words, normal teen-vampire stuff.

Luckily, with a body like that, we’re more than happy to forgive his many misdeeds.

Count Dracula – Dracula Untold

The story of Count Dracula was made famous by Bram Stoker back in 1897, but despite the titular character appearing on our screens as one of the most frequent bloodsuckers, no performance has truly captivated us than Luke Evans’s. Can’t say why though…

Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Dean may only have been a vampire for one episode, and didn’t actually drain anyone of their blood, but he’s still hot as hell, so his appearance here is completely justified.

Eric Northman – True Blood

If you’ve learnt anything from reading this article, it’s that vampires are ridiculously hot. And no one proves that better than Alexander Skarsgård in True Blood. Just look at those abs in the thumbnail!

And what’s more, his steamy love scene even made our nine best gay sex scenes on TV.

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