Wicked star Oliver Savile is anything but a fright in this exclusive shoot

Matt Crockett

For like the three of you out there that haven’t seen Wicked, the smash-hit musical discovers the untold story of those iconic witches from Oz.

But it turns out there’s even more than meets the eye when it comes to that crafty scarecrow Dorothy discovered down on the Yellow Brick Road – as we found out.

To mark #WickedDay 2017 – a day that celebrates the wonders of the West End phenomenon and Halloween – we thought it the best excuse to revisit our exclusive shoot with its former star. Introducing Oliver Savile.

The hunky actor, who starred as newly named prince Fiyero in the recent 10th anniversary cast of the West End show, hasn’t a piece of Scarecrow straw within sight. Thankfully his dashing looks and impressive physique did make an enjoyable appearance.

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“This is so important as being the real you will be less stressful, can increase your self-esteem, and allows you to build strong healthy relationships,” Oliver tells Gay Times of why a musical that champions all our differences has an important place in Theatreland.

“All of this allows you to be the best version of yourself, and this version of you is the one that can truly contribute to this world to the fullest. I feel that we’re very lucky living and being in London as this city welcomes all colours, creeds, shapes and sizes, no matter your sexual orientation or your favourite musical. Who doesn’t want to live in a world like that? It’d be a very dull and boring one if we were all the same!”

Wicked currently stars Alice Fearn as Elphaba and Sophie Evans as Glinda. Bradley Jaden replaced Oliver as Fiyero earlier this year.

Revisit our exclusive shoot with Oliver below. Happy Wicked Day!

Matt Crockett

Matt Crockett

The West End star also letting us in on his personal fitness journey – one that’s clearly working rather well: “Over the past eight years, I’ve worked hard on my body to get it to where I’m totally happy with it. So now my routine is to go to the gym a couple of times a week, coupled with maintaining a good diet. The West End star letting us in on his personal fitness journey.

“I think I can speak for all of the cast when I say that, physically, Wicked is a workout, which we all do with a smile on our face! [Laughs]

“Any singer will tell you that behind any good voice will be a healthy body and mind. Keeping fit is not a vanity project for a singer, I see it as a professional necessity. Exercising improves your cardiovascular strength and breath control and can have you feeling and singing with more energy and emotion. Get releasing those endorphins!”

Matt Crockett

Matt Crockett

Matt Crockett

More information on Wicked can be found here. You can follow Oliver on Twitter here

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