Lady Gaga’s new album is “ARTPOP’s little sister”, says producer


In case you weren’t aware, Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP just turned four years old.

The album polarised both fans and critics on release, delivering iconic looks and camp anthems, but also being plagued with issues like cancelled music videos and poor management that arguably left the record’s full potential untapped.

So depending on which side of the fence you sit, this little teaser for Gaga’s next release could be good or bad news.

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DJ White Shadow, who co-produced ARTPOP standouts like Sexxx Dreams, Manicure, Do What U Want, Swine and Applause, as well as much of the Born This Way album, is back in the studio with the singer.

We’ve known this for a little while now, but over the weekend the producer took to Instagram to tease LG6 – a reference to Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album – by referring to it as ARTPOP’s “little sister”.

“For all her flaws, strangeness and beauty, I thank you ARTPOP for the lessons learned and the gifts you gave,” he wrote.

“I can’t wait to introduce you to your little sister. #LG6”

The potential for an ARTPOP sequel certainly isn’t a new idea, as Gaga teased a full-length follow-up to the album during a guest appearance on Ryan Seacrest’s radio countdown show American Top 40 back in 2014.

“I wrote a lot of songs when I was creating ARTPOP,” she said. “When I was done working on them, I had a very specific idea of the concept for the first release of ARTPOP.

“There’s a strong possibility I will release another volume of ARTPOP, and I’m really hoping that it’s soon.”

Could we finally be seeing ARTPOP volume two? While she might’ve chosen country twang over EDM beats for her last studio album Joanne, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from Gaga, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Are you excited for ARTPOP’s “little sister”?



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