The Gary Frisch Gay Times Honour (Success in Entrepreneurship)

Our history is full of examples of intrepid entrepreneurs who decided to be the solution to a problem. 

Entrepreneurs often make up the backbone of our community – creating safe spaces in a world that would often seek to harm us,  initiatives for amplifying our voices and building platforms for finding love and connecting to our community.

Gary Frisch is one of those entrepreneurs. The founder of Gaydar, in response to a friend’s lamentation of being unable to find a partner, set up a website which would go on to connect 3.5 million users in 23 countries.

As with many in our community, Gary’s life ended in misadventure, though his legacy still lives on.

One could argue Gary paved the way for a new generation of LGBT+ people to connect, and, indeed, set out the blueprint for the apps so many of us now use.

The short list for the Gary Frisch Gay Times Honour is as follows:

This Honour is proudly sponsored by FSB.

FSB is the UK’s biggest business organisation. It is member-led and not-for-profit, offering the self-employed and small businesses a wide range of vital business services and advice and a powerful voice in government.

On Saturday 18 November 2017, Gay Times will present Gay Times Honours – an evening that will recognise organisations and individuals who have had a tremendous impact over the past 50 years on what it means to live openly and freely as LGBT+ people in Britain today.

The Gay Times Honours will be presented at the National Portrait Gallery, which was founded in 1856 to promote, through portraits, the appreciation of men and women who have made and are making British history and culture, and which has a long history of providing a platform for the voices of the LGBT+ community.



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