Chaka Khan on LGBT+ fans: “The children have taste!”

Tim Fielding

Grammy award winning Chaka Khan exploded with happiness when we asked her about her relationship with the LGBT+ community.

As proud as ever, Chaka beamed when discussing the queer community exclusively with Gay Times, “It’s because they have taste – the children have taste!”

She gushed; “I think there are many different reasons behind it, and I can’t articulate all of them, but they’ve definitely been the crows that have stuck with me the most through the years.”

Long supporter of the community, Khan is the kind of gal everyone wants to hang out with. Often telling interviewers that ‘gay followers tend to be the least fickle’, the Ain’t Nobody singer says performing at gay clubs has got her through some rough spots.

She continued, “They’ve been my most avid followers and they’ve never let me down. And I like to think I’ve never let them down, either.” You certainly have not, Miss Khan.

Blasting her hits out at pride festivals round the world, the diva still loves the crows in the UK. “The audience here is listening, really listening – I find anywhere in Europe better than America, actually.”

Her stop in London, which was scheduled for yesterday, had to be re-arranged. In a statement she said; “London has ben home for me to me for many years and holds a special place in my heart. Rest assured, this date will be rescheduled and I will continue on the rest of this tour with the same enthusiasm that you have all grown to love.”

Her new album, composed of Joni Mitchell covers, is due for release later this year.

Read the full interview with Queen Khan in our next issue, out 27 July.



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