Solidarity without language barriers in the LGBT+ community is a website that enables east and west to connect, tearing down language barriers.

Shuran Chen has developed Wecnnct a global website with a unique translation system that enables people from east to west to get to know each other. To help each other do business, encourage travel and maybe even romance.

“it’s much more than a dating app. I would never have got the chance to study here if it had not been for a chance meeting on the web. Now I’m a graduate entrepreneur in the UK and I want to help others achieve the same opportunities. I think there is so much good that can be achieved by bringing our countries closer together”.

Shuran loves the British attitude to sexuality and wants to help stimulate positive change around the world, WEcnnct allows the community to come together and speak openly – to build friendship all over the world.  He’s taken a uniquely oriental view of this activity, including neat features to allow shy members to hide their identities, and to send vanishing pictures.

The website will be ready for launch at year-end. To begin building the community and find early-adopters, Shuran launched the project on Kickstarter and is eager to find backers who can help realise his dream. For Shuran, this is not just a business but a chance to do good. To make possible some of the good things that he has experienced for many others.

Inspired by his many experiences, he has written a book, entitled “Mind the Gay” which is a touching, humorous, frank, practical and uniquely personal account of life. Early supporters of WECnnct will receive copies as an e-book.

You can be part of a global community and get closer to oriental countries. Help Shuran make WEcnnct a success. You can find details about the project and the link to Kickstater at




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